Indonesia’s Communication and Informatics Ministry is set to block the Tiktokcash site that offers users a sum of money after watching videos on the TikTok platform. The website was blocked, as it serves “electronic transaction which violates the law” and has indications of shady financial exchanges.

By Wednesday afternoon, the could still be accessed. The operator of the website in the notification appearing on the main site admitted to having received “attack/hoax news” after gaining popularity. The notification, coming under the name of Asia Pacific Tiktokcash, said it is coordinating with the law enforcement agency to handle the case.

The Tiktokcash site has offered a sum of money to users after watching videos on the Tiktok short video platform. The site claimed to be a platform “connecting Tiktok users to internet celebrity economy”

Before obtaining the money, internet users should register with the site by enclosing cellular phone numbers and the e-mail address.

Tiktokcash offers membership packages, ranging from “temporary job” at Rp89,000 valid for eight days, to “general manager” at Rp49,999,000 valid for 365 days. Unfortunately Tiktokcash is not affiliated to the Tiktok platform.