Transit Hotels in Toll Rest Areas, Could It Be a New Business Prospect?


New business concepts keep popping up in toll road rest areas. This time, the Driver can even find hotels in the area. So, the toll road rest area is no longer only used as a place to rest for a while, refuel, and fill up energy by eating food or drinks. Is there a rule for setting up a hotel business in a toll road rest area?

The answer is yes! In the regulation of the Ministry of PUPR No. 28/2021 regarding rest areas and toll road services, which was issued in August 2021, it is already possible to build hotels in rest areas.

“TIP (Place of Rest and Service) between cities can be equipped with lodging facilities to rest,” the regulation states.

With a maximum duration of 12 hours, it is equipped with a separate parking area with a TIP parking area and has a maximum number of rooms of only 100 units.

One of them that has been built is in the Rest Area KM 19 of the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road called Kedaton 8Xpress, which was inaugurated on March 31, 2022. This is the first hotel in the toll road rest area, as written on the hotel website.

The transit hotel offers standard facilities such as air conditioning, a hot shower, and wifi connection for four hours at a rate of IDR 300 thousand.

“The development of a hotel at KM 19 is a first not only for the company but in this business. We have explored with other toll road managers to develop rest areas elsewhere,” said Puri Sentul Corporate Secretary Permai Aan Rohana, citing a statement on the company’s website.

Business Prospect

Secretary-General of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) Maulana Yusran said the hotel process in this rest area was quite bright, seeing the increasing number of private vehicle users moving from city to city.

“The trend of land travel in the community is starting to stretch. Connectivity is also well connected on the Trans Java toll road,” said Maulana, quoted Friday (27/5/2022).

Although he did not deny that currently travel on Trans Java is quite crowded at certain times, such as the Lebaran homecoming period.

However, along with the increasing number of supporting toll roads leading to the city, such as to Bawen-Yogyakarta (not the Trans Java toll road) of course, it will increase public interest in using private vehicles.

“If you ask which one is more efficient, it’s better to use a private vehicle if for example to Yogyakarta you can pass through the toll road,” he said.

For these reasons, opening a hotel in a toll road rest area can be a new business prospect for entrepreneurs.