UAE Sent Expired Corona Medical Equipment to Gaza

UAE aid

Official sources in Gaza said the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently delivered a package of out-of-date medical equipments that were unfit for use to the Gaza. The package was sent with the intent to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health officials said the package sent by the UAE contained out-of-date equipment that was very old and not suitable for use in covid-19 testing, Middle East Eye reported. In addition, there were also other devices that cannot be used to help Covid-19 patients.

Al Khaleej Online reported the aid package did not contain any respirators as claimed by Emirati media. The aids were only tubes used for breathing machines and will not benefit Gazan hospitals.

Palestinian activist Yassin Ezz El-Din tweeted that the UAE had lied when they said they were sending aid to Gaza.

“After receiving wide publicity, it turns out that sending medical donations from the UAE to the Gaza is a big lie,” he tweeted, Sunday (20/12).

Earlier, the Emirati news website Al-Ain reported that the UAE sent an aid package containing 100 respirators and 200 thousand covid-19 test kits to Gaza.

Al-Ain also estimated the package contained more than 14 tonnes of medical supplies to support the service of health workers in the Gaza Strip.

“The so-called 100 respirators turned out to be simple breathing devices, available in pharmacies in the Gaza, and of course not suitable for treating Corona,” he added as quoted by Al Khaleej Online, Wednesday (23/12).

Responding to the shipment, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has expressed his anger. They have also sent a letter to the UAE demanding a remedy for the situation.

The reason is, the Palestinian Ministry of Health must bear high costs to destroy the expired shipment.