United Arab Emirates Detects Many New Corona Mutation Cases

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The United Arab Emirates reports that it has reported a number of cases of transmission of the new coronavirus mutation.

Spokesman for the United Arab Emirates government, Omar al-Hammadi, said the number of cases of this mutation was still limited and came from patients who had recently traveled abroad.

“When the new coronavirus emerged in the UK, UAE health officials continuously made requests and checks. As a result, there were several cases of new coronavirus mutations detected in the UAE in limited meetings and they (the patient) had traveled abroad,” Hammadi said in a statement at press conference on Wednesday (30/12).

This new corona virus variant is said to be 70 percent faster to infect. Even so, researchers have not found whether this new mutated corona virus makes transmission more deadly.

Some researchers also say the corona vaccine is still effective at killing the new mutated virus.

Even so, dozens of countries immediately imposed a ban on the arrival of tourists from the UK and even international flights in general, in order to anticipate the spread of cases of the corona mutation.

Unlike most countries in the Persian Gulf, the UAE still opens international flights, including to the UK.

So far, the UAE has recorded 204,369 coronavirus cases. The country recorded 1,506 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday (29/12).