Vietnamese People Hit by Panic Buying Ahead of Lockdown in Ho Chi Minh City

panic buying.

The Vietnamese government imposed a ban on leaving homes in Ho Chi Minh City starting Monday, August 23, 2021. This condition caused local residents to had panic buying.

The rule to stay at home makes people willing to buy their basic necessities during the lockdown.

Shopping centers’ conditions in Ho Chi Minh City were immediately filled with residents and caused long queues.

Previously, the local government had ensured that food supplies and other basic necessities remained safe during the lockdown.

“The city is ready with measures to supply residents with food and essential goods,” said Phan Van Mai, deputy head of the Covid-19 task force in Ho Chi Minh.

As known, Vietnam has recorded 336,707 cases of coronavirus infection and 7,540 deaths. Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh City became the center of Covid-19 infection because there were the highest positive cases and accounted for 80 percent of deaths.