WHOOSH High-Speed Train Breaks Records with 21,312 Daily Passengers

The Whoosh Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Train (photo: kemenhub)

The WHOOSH High-Speed Train continues to draw considerable attention and public interest, maintaining its allure despite facing various issues and challenges. In a noteworthy achievement, Indonesia’s inaugural high-speed train in Southeast Asia has once again set a record for its daily passenger count, reaching an impressive 21,312 individuals on November 12, 2023.

Eva Chairunisa, the General Manager Corporate Secretary of KCIC, emphasized the significance of this accomplishment, highlighting it as the pinnacle of operational performance since the commencement of the WHOOSH High-Speed Train. Notably, this surpasses previous peaks recorded on November 11 with 20,000 passengers and November 4 with 18,000 passengers. The feat was achieved through the execution of 36 travel schedules, encompassing 28 regular trips and an additional 8 journeys.

Breaking down the passenger composition, 2.3% constituted the first class, 4.2% were in the business class, and a predominant 93.5% belonged to the premium economy class out of the 21,312 passengers. Eva reported an 18% surge in WHOOSH High-Speed Train passengers, indicating an increase of 3,259 passengers compared to the preceding week.

Examining the journey statistics, there was a 12% escalation, transitioning from 32 trips on November 4 to 36 trips on both November 11 and 12.

Eva remarked, “This upswing in passenger numbers aligns with the heightened frequency of journeys over the weekend. The WHOOSH High-Speed Train has now solidified its position as one of the preferred modes of transportation for individuals traveling between Jakarta and Bandung,” as stated in her official release on Monday (13/11/2023).

Providing further insights, Eva noted that the average occupancy rate for each journey reached an impressive 98.5%. Specific schedules even achieved full occupancy at 100%, indicating a sold-out status. In response to the heightened demand from passengers, she confirmed that KCIC conducts periodic evaluations, with a particular focus on train schedules and the quantity of journeys.

Expressing contentment, Eva concluded, “We are elated by the heightened enthusiasm from passengers towards the WHOOSH High-Speed Train. Our hope is for sustained high passenger numbers in the future, benefiting an increasing number of individuals through the presence of the WHOOSH High-Speed Train.”