The Nusantara Capital City Law is Issued, Jakarta is No Longer the Capital City?

Monas Monument, DKI Jakarta

The recent discussions surrounding Jakarta’s status as the capital city have sparked widespread interest among the public, especially following the enactment of the Nusantara Capital City Law on February 15, 2024. However, in response to the evolving discourse, the palace has stepped in to provide clarity on the matter.

The government has reaffirmed Jakarta’s position as the capital city of Indonesia, despite the enactment of the Capital City of Nusantara Law. Any potential change in Jakarta’s status will only occur following the issuance of a Presidential Decree (Keppres).

Previously, there was considerable speculation regarding Jakarta’s purported loss of its capital city status by February 15, 2024, in light of the Capital City of Nusantara Law. Nevertheless, both parliament and the government have refuted such claims and offered explanations to address the confusion.

Achmad Baidowi, Deputy Chairperson of the DPR RI’s Legislation Body, has unequivocally stated that DKI Jakarta’s status remains intact until a Presidential Decree (Keppres) is officially issued.

“Thus, DKI Jakarta still retains its status, pending the issuance of the Keppres,” affirmed Baidowi in a statement to CNBC Indonesia on Thursday (7/3/2024).

Similarly, Dini Purwono, Presidential Special Staff, reiterated that Jakarta’s status as the capital city remains unchanged. She highlighted a transitional provision in the Capital City of Nusantara Law, which maintains Jakarta’s current status.

“Article 39 of the Capital City of Nusantara Law stipulates a transitional provision, ensuring that DKI Jakarta retains its status as the capital city until a Presidential Decree (Keppres) is issued,” explained Dini in a brief message on Friday (8/3/2024).

Furthermore, Dini clarified that the issuance of the Keppres does not hinge upon the completion of discussions on the Special Capital Region of Jakarta (DKJ) Bill. She emphasized that there would be no legal vacuum if the Keppres is issued before the DKJ Bill is ratified.

“The regulations pertaining to this matter are outlined in Article 41 of the Capital City of Nusantara Law. Upon the issuance of the Keppres for the transfer of the capital city to Nusantara, certain provisions of the DKI Jakarta Law will be repealed, as specified in Article 3, Article 4 (excluding its function as an autonomous region), and Article 5 of Law Number 29 of 2007 concerning the Special Provincial Government of the Capital City of Jakarta,” elucidated Dini.

In conclusion, while the government prepares to regulate the issuance of the new capital city Presidential Decree (Keppres) and the DKJ Bill, the DPR will engage in discussions on the latter following the receipt of a Presidential Letter (Surpres), as announced by Puan Maharani, Chairperson of the DPR RI, during a Plenary Session.