WHOOSH High-Speed Train Passengers Exceed 1 Million, Emerging as a Community Necessity

whoosh high-speed train
whoosh high-speed train (photo: Yasuyoshi CHIBA/AFP)

In a recent announcement, Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi expressed elation over the remarkable achievement of the WHOOSH High-Speed Train in Indonesia. Since its inaugural journey on October 17, 2023, the high-speed train has successfully transported over 1 million passengers, signifying a significant milestone in the nation’s transportation landscape.

Minister Budi Karya highlighted the enthusiastic response from the public, underscoring the high demand and essential role the high-speed train has assumed in meeting the evolving needs of the community. The WHOOSH High-Speed Train has quickly become more than just a mode of transportation; it is now considered a vital necessity for individuals seeking fast, safe, secure, and comfortable interregional connectivity.

“The overwhelming enthusiasm from the public for using the high-speed train is truly heartening,” Minister Budi Karya stated during a recent press release on Wednesday (27/12/2023).

He emphasized that the introduction of the WHOOSH High-Speed Train has not only addressed the immediate transportation requirements but has also generated multiple positive effects. These include the emergence of new economic hubs, the creation of employment opportunities, and the transfer of technology contributing to the enhancement of the national workforce’s quality.

Commending PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC), the operator of the high-speed train, Minister Budi Karya expressed his appreciation for their role in achieving this significant milestone. He expressed hope for continued improvements in the services provided by KCIC in the future.

“I extend my gratitude to the public for their trust in choosing WHOOSH. Opting for WHOOSH means faster travel, avoidance of traffic congestion, and a significant reduction in environmental pollution,” Minister Budi Karya affirmed.

The WHOOSH High-Speed Train, operating on the Jakarta-Bandung route, has become the pioneering high-speed train service not only in Indonesia but also in Southeast Asia. The train serves four strategically located stations: Halim, Karawang, Padalarang, and Tegalluar.

Recent data from PT KCIC’s ticketing system, covering the period from October 17 to December 25, 2023, revealed that the WHOOSH High-Speed Train has served an impressive 1.03 million passengers. On peak travel days, such as during the current year-end holiday season, the train has accommodated a daily ridership of up to 21,500 passengers.

The success story of the WHOOSH High-Speed Train stands as a testament to Indonesia’s commitment to advancing its transportation infrastructure, providing a seamless and efficient travel experience for its citizens and contributing to the nation’s socio-economic growth. The ongoing progress and positive public response indicate a promising future for high-speed rail in Indonesia.