A Survey Shows that 10 Percent of Indonesian People Still Don’t Know How to Use the Internet


A survey by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) shows that 10.2 percent of people in Indonesia do not know how to use the internet. The 10.2 percent figure comes from 26.3 percent of people who have not used the internet.

The APJII survey also noted that there are 196.7 million internet users in Indonesia nowadays. This data is based on the results of the survey on penetration and behavior of internet users in Indonesia 2019-2020.

This amount is equivalent to 73.3 percent of the total Indonesian population who use the internet.

“Socialization is the main thing to cover the 10.2 percent zone,” General Secretary of APJII, Henri Kasyfi, said in the presentation of the 2019-2020 internet user penetration report, Monday (9/11) .

The survey also finds that the majority of users access the internet for more than 8 hours a day.

On the same occasion, Chairperson of APJII Jamalalu Izza said there was a shift in user behavior during the pandemic, including from online media content that users accessed. Public education services are at 57.1 percent, the remaining users access insurance, local government services, and BPJS services.

“This year, the majority of online media content accessed by users is educational content and school websites, due to distance learning activities during the pandemic,” Jamal said.

Meanwhile, most accessed entertainment content is online videos (49.3 percent), online games (16.5 percent) and online music (15.3 percent).

Regarding to devices, smartphones are the favorite devices of internet users in Indonesia with a rate of 95.4 percent. Meanwhile, there is only 19.7 percent from laptops and tablets and 9.5 percent from PC computers.

This year’s survey method uses sampling techniques such as probability sampling, multistage random sampling and area variant random sampling.

The number of samples reached 7,000 respondents with 1.27 percent margin of error and 95 percent level of confidence.