Banks Efforts to Launch Green Credit, to Support Go Green Factory!


Public awareness of environmental sustainability encourages several companies to present environmentally friendly products. This is a growth opportunity for green credit which is being intensively encouraged by banks.

President Director of PT Alkindo Naratama Tbk. (ALDO) Herwanto Susanto said that public awareness of environmentally friendly products, including full packaging with brown paper, continues to increase.

President Joko Widodo himself, said Susanto, directed to reduce carbon in Indonesia. Several start-ups, including unicorns, have also delivered zero waste commitments by 2030.

To present environmentally friendly products, Alkindo through its subsidiary PT Eco Paper Indonesia presents fully environmentally friendly packaging in the form of recycled brown paper. Alkindo sees that currently many food orders are made online using packaging. However, the packaging used is often not environmentally friendly.

“We initiated this brown paper and it has been accepted by the community. We just need to continue to develop it further by developing wider products. Above, we also continue to look for bigger markets,” said Susanto in a virtual conference, Friday (18/3).

He said the company continues to expand the market for environmentally friendly products. In the last 2 years, said Susanto, the growth of environmentally friendly businesses has been very good.

Eco Paper Indonesia’s profit, said Susanto, will grow by 50 percent in 2021 compared to 2020, driven by the sale of new environmentally friendly products.

Eco Paper Indonesia recently received a loan from Bank HSBC Indonesia amounting to Rp2.7 billion. The funds are planned to be used to develop fully packaged products derived from recycled paper. HSBC Indonesia Commercial Banking Director Eri Budiono said HSBC is committed to becoming a Net Zero Bank by 2050.

HSBC Indonesia Commercial Banking Director Eri Budiono said HSBC is committed to becoming a Net Zero Bank by 2050.

To achieve this goal, HSBC has taken several strategic steps such as determining a net-zero plan in operation, supporting the transition process for customers and supporting the latest innovations in climate solutions, and accelerating sustainable investment.

Eri said the company wants 90 percent of the funding portfolio to be funding for the green segment. However, there are still many companies in Indonesia that are not ready, even just making plans.

“We want to help these clients who are not ready,” said Eri.

For companies that have depended on carbon emissions, he said, they can slowly switch to environmentally friendly materials starting from something simple.