Broadband Fiber Optics Are Available in All Regions of Indonesia

underwater fiber optic

The government seems to have really prepared digital infrastructure, one of which is by providing fiber optics throughout Indonesia.

This was conveyed by the Minister of Communication and Informatics, Johnny Plate. at the National Coordination Meeting for the Acceleration and Expansion of Regional Digitalization, Tuesday (6/12/2022).

He said that broadband optical fiber is available in all parts of Indonesia. The next thing that must be implemented is how to make the most of these commercial service facilities.

“Imagine we hold this fiber optic in our neighboring country, the island is wrapped around all of our fiber optics, a big country,” said Johnny.

In addition, there is also another digital supporting infrastructure, namely satellites with a capacity of 2 x 150 GB each. This satellite is used to serve public service points throughout the country, from schools to health facilities.

The Base Transceiver Station (BTS) is also one of the infrastructures that Johnny mentioned. He said that currently there are 500 thousand BTS built by the private sector. In fact, the Minister of Communication and Information claims BTS is now available every 10 meters.

Indonesia is also in the process of setting up a permanent government data center. Johnny explained that the capacity of the data center is very large and is expected to be completed before the end of the current government.

“We have groundbreaking the government’s permanent data center with large capacity, Tier 4, the highest global standard. Hopefully, before the end of the government period, we can use it,” said Johnny.

So at that time, there were no more data centers in each region. But all will be centralized in the new data center.

For now, Johnny asked the local government to use the data center that has been temporarily prepared.

“And I asked the regional government to use the data center at Kominfo. It has been funded by the state budget. There is no need to a double-double, we use the cost of tens of trillions of efficiency to be saved,” he said.