Covid-19 Cases Threathed Indonesia. Jakarta is The Highest

Covid-19 cases

The number of positive Covid-19 cases today has increased. Today, Tuesday (9/11/2021) there were 434 new additional cases. This number increased compared to yesterday (8/11/2021), which reached 244 patients. So, until today, the total number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia has reached 4,248,843.

The good news is that the number of recovered patients increased by 585 people. Although the number of recovered is down compared to yesterday, which was 1,283 people. Until today, the total number of recovered Covid-19 cases has reached 4,095,663 people and the number of patients who died from Covid-19 today reached 21 people.

DKI Jakarta contributed the highest number of cases as many as 95 cases. Followed by West Java with a total of 77 cases, and East Java with a total of 65 cases.

The following is the distribution of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia, Wednesday (10/11/2021):

DKI Jakarta: 95 cases
West Java: 77 cases
East Java: 65 cases
IN Yogyakarta: 59 cases
Central Java: 58 cases
East Kalimantan: 11 cases
South Sulawesi: 10 cases
West Papua: 10 cases
North Sumatra: 9 cases
Banten: 9 cases
Bali: 9 cases
East Nusa Tenggara: 8 cases
West Kalimantan: 7 cases
South Kalimantan: 6 cases
Central Sulawesi: 6 cases
Bangka Belitung: 5 cases
North Kalimantan: 5 cases
West Sumatra: 4 cases
North Sulawesi: 4 cases
Aceh: 3 cases
South Sumatra: 3 cases
West Nusa Tenggara: 3 cases
Central Kalimantan: 3 cases
Riau: 2 cases
Jambi: 2 cases
Lampung: 2 cases
Riau Islands: 2 cases
Papua: 2 cases
North Maluku: 1 case
Bengkulu: 0 cases
Southeast Sulawesi: 0 cases
Gorontalo: 0 cases
West Sulawesi: 0 cases
Maluku: 0 cases

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