Government Prepares Feeder Train to Support KCJB


The scope of Jakarta Bandung Fast Train (KCJB) has not yet reached Bandung City. Therefore, the Government has prepared a feeder train to support this high-speed train operation.

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said that later Padalarang station will become a meeting station between fast trains and KCJB feeder trains that will go to Bandung station.

“We are targeting that the fast train journey from Jakarta to Bandung will take 52 minutes. From Jakarta to Padalarang 30 minutes and from Padalarang to Bandung (using feeder trains) 22 minutes,” said the Minister of Transportation in a statement, quoted on Monday (3/10/2022). ).

Currently, several railway infrastructure developments are being carried out, to facilitate the journey of the KCJB feeder train from Padalarang Station – Cimahi Station – Bandung Station.

The government is currently carrying out several developments, such as the arrangement of railroads at stations between Padalarang – Bandung, and the handling of level crossings by building Flyovers and People Crossing Bridges at three points, namely in Ciroyom, Cimindi, and Pusdikpom, Cimahi.

In addition to the KCJB feeder train, the Padalarang Station line to Bandung Station is also traversed by the Bandung Raya local train operated by PT KAI Commuter. The Padalarang – Bandung train line passes through several stations, namely Gadobangkong Station, Cimahi Station, Cimindi Station, Andir Station, Ciroyom Station, and Bandung Station.

KCJB infrastructure development is carried out to create a transportation system that is faster, more efficient, environmentally friendly, and also integrated with other transportation modes.

In addition, with the use of high technology, it is hoped that the transfer of knowledge and technology can improve the quality of national human resources and also create many job opportunities.

For information, the progress of the KCJB project to date has reached 86 percent. It is targeted that this project will be operational in June 2023.

Later at the November G20 Summit, President Joko Widodo and Chinese President Xi Jinping are scheduled to visit. Where two world leaders will review and test the inspection train firsthand.

“It is an honor that Indonesia is the first country in Southeast Asia to have a high-speed train,” said the Minister of Transportation when he visited the Tegalluar KCJB Station, Bandung Regency, West Java.

The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train has a track length of 142.3 km from Jakarta to the Padalarang area. From Halim Station – Karawang Station – Padalarang Station – Tegalluar Station and Depot.