Indonesia to Develop Super Application Portal for Public Services Integration

Indonesia to Develop Super Application Portal for Public Services Integration (photo:

The Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) is set to develop a super application for public services that will integrate multiple services offered by various government agencies under a single account for citizens.

The portal is still in the consolidation phase with public service providers to address issues and challenges faced by the government in integrating various portals to realize the super-application.

According to Akik Dwi Suharto Rudolfus, the Secretary Deputy of Public Service at the Ministry of PANRB, the key to the success of the public service portal is the commitment from all stakeholders, including government agencies and service providers, to integrate their services into the super-application.

However, the integration process is complex due to the diversity of services managed by various government agencies, each with their own unique business processes.

Akik emphasized that the government is committed to realizing the super-application, as it will make it easier for citizens to access and manage various services with just a single login in one application. The design of the public service portal was submitted to and developed by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics by the end of 2022.

The consolidation phase, which is currently ongoing, focuses on the macro level of the Electronic Government System (SPBE). Discussions involve the readiness of applications that will be integrated with the public service portal from each agency, as well as the mechanism for the integration process.

The ultimate goal of the public service portal is to become a super-application that serves citizens from birth to death. However, there are challenges to realizing this goal, such as the varying requirements and conditions that citizens must meet when using the application or portal of each related agency.

Yanuar Ahmad, the Assistant Deputy of Digital Transformation for Public Services at the Ministry of PANRB, added that one of the biggest challenges is the different understanding and priorities of each agency regarding the importance of integrating their services into the public service portal. Another challenge is the shortage of resources with the necessary expertise to integrate services into the public service portal.

To overcome these challenges, the Ministry of PANRB has enlisted the help of the National Development Planning Ministry/Bappenas to ensure that the development and integration of the public service portal is prioritized at the national level, with targets for performance and budget supported by all relevant agencies. The successful realization of this super-application will significantly improve access and efficiency of public services for citizens in Indonesia.