You Can Fly to Java-Bali without PCR Test Soon!


The Government loosens Covid-19 travel regulations for flights in Java-Bali. Previously, as of 24 October 2021, Java-Bali flights require Polymer Chain Reaction (PCR) test with a maximum of 2×24 hours before departure.

By Java-Bali flights, it means flights from and to Java-Bali and inter-cities around. This regulation did not apply to land transportations. Hence, the flight passenger’s capacity is increased by 70% to 100%. Meanwhile, other transportation methods are still at 70%.

During the implementations, it brings up a hot topic of pros and cons over the end of October. Currently, PCR test is the most accurate and safest screening method amongst others.

On the other hand, society wonders why this regulation was enacted at that time. When the rate of vaccinations has increased and infection rates have decreased. Another controversy arises from airlines and travel companies which can cause losses to its already dragging business.

On Monday (1/11), The Minister of Coordinating Human Development and Culture Minister, Muhadjir Effendy, said that airline passengers are only required to have negative results of Antigen as flight requirement.

However, this new covid-19 Java-Bali regulation still waits for the official statements from the Minister of Home Affairs, the Covid-19 Task Force Circular, and technical arrangements from the Ministry of Transportation.