Indonesia Trading House Was Inaugurated in Switzerland, Could Become the Entry Point for Local MSME Products

Indonesia Trading House Was Inaugurated in Switzerland, Could Become the Entry Point for Local MSME Products (photo: logistiknews)

Indonesia Trading House (ITH) officially opened at the Indonesia store, in Aargau, Switzerland. With the inauguration of ITH, the opportunities for local MSME products to enter the international market will be even greater.

Indonesia Trading House was inaugurated by the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs, Teten Masduki, together with the Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland, Muliaman Hadad.

Teten said that the establishment of ITH in Switzerland opened up opportunities for Indonesian MSME products to enter foreign markets.

“I think now, with the digital market, it will also be quite easy to help sell Indonesian products through the diaspora network, as long as there is a warehouse with regular suppliers,” said Teten in a press release, Tuesday (24/1/2023).

Teten was also advised to take advantage of the digital market platform or marketplace for marketing Indonesian MSME products and connectivity with the ITH network, the Indonesian diaspora, and the domestic market.

“Continue to expand its MSME products. Because these UMKM products are actually custom and now the rarer they are the more sought after. There are lots of things that we might be able to work together with that have been accepted by the domestic market, for example, MSME products that have been sold at Mbloc, Post bloc, now at Sarinah,” added Teten.

In the future, he will seek to expand this cooperation. You do this by utilizing its online network.

Furthermore, the government is also pushing sales of spices from Indonesia. That way, Indonesia will no longer only sell spices, but already in the form of seasonings.

The inauguration of the establishment was a follow-up to last year’s activities on May 24, 2022, namely the signing of the establishment of ITH which was officially signed on the sidelines of the WEF event at the Indonesia Pavilion by the Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Arsyad Rasyid.

“Hopefully this can be replicated in various places because now MSME products are also of great quality (custom, quality). That’s exactly what we need to enter the foreign market and we start with Indonesians,” said Teten.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland Muliaman Hadad hopes that the inauguration of ITH in Aargau Switzerland will be a door for the flow of Indonesian products, both food, and non-food products, to the Swiss and European markets.

“Indonesia must think about and take advantage of Switzerland’s opportunities as a hub for doors for Indonesian products to the European market, especially by utilizing the issue of tariffs in the Indonesia-EFTA CEPA Agreement,” Muliaman said.

With the establishment of ITH in Switzerland, all parties hope that it will further encourage an increase in Indonesian trade abroad by utilizing agreements related to trade tariffs between Indonesia and Switzerland.