Indonesia’s New Capital City Will Carry the Form of a Metaverse


Preparations for moving Indonesia’s new capital city are getting better. Several important matters are being rushed to be resolved, such as the DPR RI which is currently formulating the ratification of the National Capital City Bill (IKN). Check out some of the following facts.

When Does the Relocation of the National Capital Begin?

The National Capital City Bill (IKN) is planned to be formalized at a plenary meeting on January 18, 2022. There are four clusters of issues discussed in this one-two-day Panja meeting regarding the relocation of the capital city from Jakarta to Kalimantan. The four clusters are institutional, funding and financing, land, and the master plan or master plan.

The government plans to start the process of moving the State Capital in semester 1/2024. This means that construction will start before/during the 2024 General Election and is targeted to be completed perfectly in 2045.

Source of Development Fund

The Ministry of National Development Planning (PPN)/National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) explained that IKN funding would be collaborative. This means that funding sources will not rely on only one funding source. The private sector also takes part in financing the construction of the new capital city.

The private sector will take part in the development by investing in the project. The government is increasingly encouraging these private companies to be enthusiastic and participate directly in the process.

Regarding funding sources from the state, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati said that the 2022 State Budget (FY) was also prepared to support IKN project funding, but it had not been formulated in detail for the nominals.

The Concept of the New Indonesia’s Capital City

It Will Take Metaverse Form

The State Minister for National Development Planning (PPN)/ Head of Bappenas, Suharso Monoarfa, explained that later the new capital city will take the form of a metaverse, which means that the development process will not be separated from the role of technology.

In this way, the shape of the capital city is no longer in the form of a hologram or mock-up but has become a reactive metaverse.

Suharso said, “We are really serious about preparing the new National Capital so that it is well-organized, unlike the old capital master plan which was not well-formed”.

It Has the Second Longest Bridge in Indonesia

The plan is to build a connecting bridge between Balikpapan and Penajam Paser in East Kalimantan. The construction of this bridge will be financed with State Sharia Securities (SBSN) with a project fund of Rp 1.43 trillion.

This bridge is one of the supporting infrastructures for the construction of the new National Capital which will have 4 lanes and become one of the longest bridges in Indonesia. With a main span of 804 meters and a width of 22.4 meters, this bridge will be the second-longest bridge in Indonesia.

Super Fast Airplane Runway

According to the Minister of State for National Development Planning (PPN) / Head of Bappenas, Suharso Monoarfa, Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) has asked the government to build a high-speed rocket-like runway in the nation’s new capital.

With this super-fast plane route, Indonesia will have special transportation access to America. This is of course beneficial for Indonesia because it can cut flight times.

It is estimated that using this route, a flight to America only takes an hour and a half or two.