This City’s Internet Is the Fastest in Indonesia

Fast Internet Network

Internet speed in Indonesia is actually lower than in some neighboring countries. Therefore, the government is preparing several programs to speed up internet connections, one of them is Analog Switch Off. Then, based on the speed, which city has the fastest connection in Indonesia?

Apparently, based on the test from Speedtest, Bekasi City has the fastest internet speed in Indonesia.

Of the 170 cities in the world in the data, Bekasi is in 134th place. The city has a download speed of 16.47 Mbps and 11.64 Mbps on upload, while the latency is 23ms.

Apart from Bekasi, there is only one other city on the Speedtest Global Index list, namely South Jakarta. Download and upload speeds in South Jakarta were recorded at 16.14 Mbps and 10.90 Mbps, respectively. While the latency is 24 ms.

Shanghai in China was asked to be the city with the fastest internet in the world based on the same data. The speed reaches 158.63 Mbps.

Besides Shanghai, there are also Denmark’s Copenhagen (157.54 Mbps), Norway’s Oslo (115.19 Mbps), South Korea’s Busan (147.55 Mbps), and China’s Beijing (145.76) which are included in the top five cities with fast internet. in this world.

While in the Fixed Broadband category, Bekasi is still the fastest in Indonesia. The city is ranked 136th with a download speed of 27.04 Mbps.

The upload speed in Bekasi is 11.61 Mbps. The city’s latency was recorded at 5ms, quoted Wednesday (19/10/2022).

One rank below Bekasi in South Jakarta. Speedtest recorded a download speed of 27 Mbps and 17.32 Mbps upload, as well as a latency of 5 ms.

Beijing in China was the fastest in the fixed broadband category with a speed of 238.86 Mbps. Second place is Valparaiso Chile with 22.67 Mbps.

Shanghai which is in the mobile category was ranked first, this time it is in the third position with 221.85 Mbps. Meanwhile, New York United States (US) and Bangkok Thailand complete the top 5 with 218.04 Mbps and 217.19 Mbps respectively.

Furthermore, by turning off analog TV broadcasts, the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) stated that the Analog Switch Off (ASO) will make Indonesia’s internet speed faster and more evenly distributed throughout the region.

After the analog TV lethal injection, the public will enjoy digital TV broadcasts that offer clean picture quality, clear sound, and more advanced technology than its predecessors.

“Why do we have to move to digital TV broadcasting? We want to get high-speed internet. From the results of this analog to digital TV migration, we will get frequency efficiency which will be used for broadband, this is really for high speed that is evenly distributed throughout Indonesia,” said the Director of Broadcasting of the Directorate General of PPI, Ministry of Communications and Informatics Geryantika Kurnia in a webinar held by Kominfo, Thursday (13/10/2022).