Indonesia’s Trade Balance Surplus Reaches US$ 24.8 Billion

export destinations revealed by BPS

Good news comes from Indonesia’s export and import sectors. Indonesia’s trade balance during the first semester of 2022 managed to reach US$ 24.89 billion. This figure shows the positive trend continuation in this sector.

Head of BPS Margo Yuwono in a press conference on Friday (15/7/2022) said, “During the first semester of 2022 the trade balance surplus reached US$ 24.89 billion, an increase of 110.22% compared to the same period last year.”

This positive achievement was caused by the windfall or the surge in international commodity prices in recent years. Especially in Indonesia’s mainstay exports such as coal, bauxite, nickel, and copper to palm oil.

“This shows that we will get a windfall in the first semester,” he added.

The trade balance surplus is expected to make a positive contribution to national economic growth amidst the threat of a recession. Especially in the second quarter of 2022.

“This will have a positive impact on economic growth,” said Margo.

Furthermore, Indonesia’s trade balance in June 2022 experienced a surplus of US$ 5 billion. The surplus occurs because the balance of exports is greater than imports.

Margo said exports in June 2022 were recorded at US$ 26.09 billion. Meanwhile, imports in June were valued at US$ 21 billion, up 12.87% compared to last month.

“Imports in June 2022 were recorded at US$ 21 billion. Also, an increase of 12.87% compared to May 2022,” said Margo at a press conference, Friday (15/72022).

Thus, Indonesia again experienced a trade surplus because exports were greater than imports. It is known that this month Indonesia experienced a trade surplus of US$ 5 billion.

“In June 2022, a surplus of US$ 5.09 billion was recorded. This June, a surplus of US$ 5.09 billion was recorded,” he said.

Indonesia’s Trade Balance Surplus Data:

  • January 2021 surplus of US$ 2 billion
  • February 2021 surplus of US$ 2.01 billion
  • March 2021 surplus of US$1.57 billion
  • April 2021 surplus of US$ 2.19 billion
  • May 2021 surplus of US$ 2.36 billion
  • June 2021 surplus of US$ 1.23 billion
  • July 2021 surplus of US$ 2.59 billion
  • August 2021 surplus of US$ 4.74 billion
  • September 2021 surplus of US$ 4.37 billion
  • October 2021 surplus of US$ 4.3 billion
  • November 2021 surplus of US$ 3.51 billion
  • December 2021 surplus of US$ 1.02 billion
  • January 2022 surplus of US$ 0.93 billion
  • February 2022 surplus of US$ 3.82 billion
  • March 2022 surplus of US$ 4.53 billion
  • April 2022 surplus of US$ 7.56 billion
  • May 2022 surplus of US$ 2.9 billion
  • June 2022 surplus of US$ 5 billion