Jokowi Inaugurates the Largest Port in East Indonesia, Makassar New Port

Makassar New Port
Makassar New Port (photo: betahita)

President Joko Widodo, during his official visit to South Sulawesi Province on Thursday (22/2/2024), marked a significant milestone by inaugurating the Makassar New Port. This port, hailed as the largest in Eastern Indonesia, symbolizes Indonesia’s commitment to enhancing its maritime infrastructure.

In his address at the inauguration ceremony, President Jokowi expressed optimism about the port’s potential to boost the country’s logistical efficiency. He emphasized its strategic importance in facilitating trade and commerce, not only within Indonesia but also on an international scale.

“With an investment of Rp5.4 trillion, the Makassar New Port is poised to become a major hub for maritime activities in the region,” remarked President Jokowi. “We envision it as a catalyst for economic growth, driving prosperity and development in Sulawesi and beyond.”

The President highlighted the fierce competition prevailing in global markets, underscoring the imperative for Indonesia to enhance its competitiveness. He stressed the need for efficiency in logistics operations to maintain a competitive edge in the international arena.

“The success of nations in today’s world hinges on their ability to streamline logistics processes and reduce costs,” stated President Jokowi. “Efficiency is the key to staying ahead in the global marketplace.”

Reflecting on Indonesia’s progress, President Jokowi noted the significant reduction in logistics costs over the past decade. He attributed this achievement to ongoing efforts to improve infrastructure and streamline logistical processes nationwide.

“While our logistics costs have decreased from 24 percent to 14 percent, there is still room for improvement,” remarked President Jokowi. “The Makassar New Port represents a pivotal step towards further reducing logistics costs and enhancing our competitiveness.”

The President also commended the port’s advanced facilities, including its deep-water berths capable of accommodating large vessels. He emphasized the importance of modern infrastructure in facilitating efficient cargo handling and transportation.

“Investments in state-of-the-art infrastructure, such as the Makassar New Port, are essential for supporting Indonesia’s economic growth and development,” affirmed President Jokowi. “They enable us to capitalize on our maritime potential and strengthen our position in the global economy.”

Furthermore, President Jokowi emphasized the need for continuous improvement and innovation in logistics management. He underscored the importance of adopting best practices and leveraging technology to optimize supply chain efficiency.

“As we strive to enhance our logistics capabilities, we must embrace innovation and adapt to evolving market dynamics,” stated President Jokowi. “This requires collaboration between government, private sector stakeholders, and industry experts.”

In conclusion, President Jokowi reiterated his commitment to advancing Indonesia’s maritime sector and enhancing its competitiveness in the global arena. He affirmed that the Makassar New Port represents a significant milestone in the country’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its maritime infrastructure and drive economic growth.