The Mountainous Papua Province Now Has 127 Satellite-Based Internet Access Points

internet access in rural area of Papua
internet access in rural area of Papua

The government continues to fulfill its commitment to bring internet access to Remote, Frontier, and Outermost Areas, or locally called 3T Areas. In a recent update, satellite-based internet connections are now up and running in 127 spots across the mountainous regions of Papua Province, moving closer to the set target with only 32 points left. The Telecommunication and Information Accessibility Agency (Bakti) delivered this news directly.

Dede Sukardoyo from the Directorate of Bakti’s Ministry of Communication and Information shared that out of the 332 proposed Internet Access (AI) developments, Bakti has completed 57% of them. Looking ahead, Bakti has plans to add more internet access points by the end of 2024. Currently, 127 locations in the Papua Mountains have active 4G Base Transceiver Stations (BTS).

Giving more details, Dede mentioned, “For Jayawijaya, there are a total of 159 BTS sites, and out of the installed 131 BTS, 127 satellite-based internet connections are currently active.” This progress indicates a positive move towards widespread internet accessibility.

To streamline the 4G BTS construction process, Bakti revised the initial plan of 7,904 points to 5,618 points, split into two phases. The first phase involves building 4,112 points, and the second includes 1,506 points.

Highlighting the adjustment, Dede explained, “The second phase reduced significantly from the initial plan of 3,704 points to 1,506 points. This was due to aligning with the 2022 Budget Execution Plan (DIPA), allowing Bakti to construct around 1,500 points.”

Previously, the Ministry of Communication and Information faced challenges in renewing the contract for Base Transceiver Station (BTS) 4G services in Remote, Frontier, and Outermost (3T) Areas, leading to project delays. Despite legal hurdles, Bakti ensured a thorough evaluation and collaborated with the Deputy Attorney General for Civil and Administrative Affairs (Jamdatun) at the Attorney General’s Office for a comprehensive review.

Fadhilah Mathar, the CEO of Bakti at the Ministry of Communication and Information, emphasized the priority of providing services to the community. He stated, “Our focus is on ensuring that residents in 3T areas can benefit from telecommunication access. Bakti is committed to gradually offering 4G mobile services to these communities.”

This commitment aligns with the broader goal of making telecommunication services accessible to everyone, regardless of their geographical location. Despite legal challenges, Bakti’s dedication to community service remains unwavering.