Pertamina Guarantees Subsidized Solar Stock


During the issue of price increases, the scarcity of some commodities, and inflation, Pertamina ensures that the current stock of biodiesel is in a safe condition, there is even an increase in supply at gas stations even though it has exceeded the quota set for smooth distribution to the public.

This was confirmed by the Executive General Manager of Patra Niaga Jatimbalinus, Deny Djukardi, who said that PT Pertamina (Persero) through its Sub Holding Commercial & Trading, namely PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, continues to strive so that the distribution of subsidized Solar Fuel (Biosolar) runs smoothly and on target to the community in the middle of the world. increasing demand.

“Until February 2022, the distribution of subsidized diesel has been fulfilled by Pertamina to an increase of about 10 percent,” he said in his official statement, Friday (1/4/2022).

He emphasized that Pertamina and the government agreed to relax the distribution of quotas, especially for areas with high demand and experiencing queues, by way of normalization efforts by adding subsidized diesel supplies according to demand (demand) in areas experiencing queues.

“For the Jatimbalinus area, the subsidized diesel quota set by the Government through Pertamina is 2,490,339 Kiloliters (KL). We are trying to channel this amount to consumers who do have the right to use subsidized diesel,” said Deny.

Furthermore, Pertamina also coordinates and conveys information to local governments regarding the limitations of the determination of the subsidized diesel quota and regulatory support to regulate the distribution of subsidized diesel.

“We also ensure the availability of non-subsidized diesel and encourage consumers to buy non-subsidized diesel,” he said.

Currently, he claims, the diesel queues that had occurred at several gas stations have eased because Pertamina has adjusted the distribution to the needs of the community.

For information, subsidized diesel consumption reaches 93 percent of Pertamina’s total sales of diesel products. Meanwhile, the remaining 7 percent is the consumption of higher quality non-subsidized diesel, such as Dexlite and Pertamina Dex.

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council (DPD) V Hiswana Migas East Java, Ismed Jauhar, said his party would support the efforts of the regional government and Pertamina to distribute subsidized diesel fuel to the right target.

“Given the existence of a quota, we will try to distribute subsidized diesel fuel in a targeted manner. Therefore, we also need support from various parties to jointly supervise the distribution of subsidized diesel so that it is not misused by irresponsible people,” he said.