New confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia on Monday (1/2/2021) recorded an increase of 10,994 cases. Thus, until today at 12:00 noon, the total Covid-19 cases have reached 1,089,308 cases.

The new cases were found from 31,893 people who finished undergoing the Covid-19 test today. This reflects that from the 3 tests conducted, 1 new case was found.

In the same data, the number of patients recovering per day has increased by 10,461 people. Thus the total number of patients recovered has reached 883,682 people.

From health facilities, the crisis has spread to a shortage of health workers. Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin stated that at least 600 health workers had died from COVID. There is even a shortage of grave land and the need for coffins has increased dramatically.

For areas that are still difficult to reach the PCR test, the government plans to use the antigen rapid test, as the closest alternative.