PPKM Will Continue until Covid-19 Is Controlled


The Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) period officially ended yesterday. This time, the government ensures that PPKM will continue until the Covid-19 pandemic can be controlled 100 percent.

This was conveyed by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. He ensured that PPKM will continue to exist until the pandemic is under control, although now the number of Covid-19 transmissions in Indonesia continues to decline.

Jokowi in the Plenary Cabinet Session at the State Palace, Monday (9/5/2022) emphasized, “The restriction is continuing. Please after this it is conveyed that the restriction will continue until we are sure that we can control this COVID 100 percent.”

Jokowi added that the addition of COVID-19 cases was “very low” with only 227 cases on Sunday (8/5/2022). However, he reminded us that active cases on the same day were still at 6,192.

The same thing was conveyed by the Java Bali PPKM Coordinator Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan. In a press conference on the restriction policy update, Monday (9/5), Luhut said that it would still be continued even though the occupancy rate of COVID-19 beds in hospitals was getting lower.

“The condition of the Omicron variant amid the last Eid al-Fitr moment is still very under control, the development of Java and Bali also continues to show a significant downward trend in almost all provinces,” said Luhut.

He also emphasized the recommendation to work from home aka Work From Home. This is done while recalling the mobility of people who are at risk of transmitting the virus.

“We also urge to optimize WFH for some time to come to reduce the risk of spreading this virus,” he concluded.

Previously, the Java-Bali PPKM was implemented for three weeks, since April 19. Meanwhile, PPKM for areas outside Java-Bali only started on April 26, and all of them ended today.

In detail, for Java-Bali PPKM, not a single district/city is included in the level 4 PPKM category. For level 3 regions, there are only 2 regions, level 2 as many as 97 districts/cities, and level 1 areas as many as 29 districts/cities.

As for PPKM outside Java-Bali two weeks ago, the number of regions with level 1 status increased from 84 regions to 131 regions. Meanwhile, at level 22 it fell from the previous 259 to 216 regions.

A similar decline also occurred in level 3 PPKM areas from the previous 43 regions to 39 regions. Meanwhile, there are no more districts/cities outside Java-Bali that are included in the PPKM level 4 category.