Self-Vaccination Will be Held Next Year


Through the Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, the government will hold a self-vaccination program in 2022. However, this self-vaccination program is targeted at people with affluent economies.

The government continues to provide free vaccinations through the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget’s allocation (APBN).

The self-vaccination program is one way to accelerate herd immunity in the community through vaccination.

With a target of more than one million doses per day, it is hoped that the self-vaccination program next year can achieve herd immunity quickly. Given that in June 2021, one million doses of the vaccine’s target had been achieved. 

Multilateral and bilateral cooperation, also ensuring the availability and affordability of vaccine prices continue to be carried out by the government to support the vaccination program.

In addition, the government seeks domestic vaccine production through the support of cooperation with various parties.