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Earthquake Shakes Cianjur 3 Times Early This Day, the Shaking Is...

The earthquake shook Cianjur again on Tuesday (24/1) in the early morning. Unmitigated, the residents felt three shocks in a short time. This earthquake...

Aftershocks Still Hit Cianjur

It's been five days since the first earthquake hit Cianjur. It is noted that aftershocks occur almost every day, even with a lower level...

Cianjur Earthquake Update: 271 Dead, 2,043 Injured

Indonesia is in mourning. The latest update states that the number of victims of the Cianjur earthquake continues to grow. The National Disaster Management...

The Oldest Fault in West Java Is the Cause of the...

The Cianjur earthquake that occurred on Monday afternoon (11/21) to date caused 162 people to die, and at least 700 people were injured. This...



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