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Mount Merapi Erupts Again, Launching Hot Ash and Lava Flows Multiple...

Mount Merapi, located on the border of Yogyakarta and Central Java provinces in Indonesia, has erupted again. The volcano has even been recorded to...

Mount Semeru Erupts, Thousands Evacuated

The highest mountain on Java Island, Mount Semeru, erupts. The eruption occurred on Sunday (4/12) morning. The status of Semeru has increased from Level...

Mount Anak Krakatau Erupts, Volcanic Ash Height Reaches 800 Meters!

Mount Anak Krakatau is erupting again. In fact, this time the mountain spewed volcanic ash as high as 800 meters. Based on the Geological Agency...

Mount Raung Erupted 32 Times in 6 Hours

Mount Raung has erupted. The total number of eruptions recorded by the Raung Volcano Observation Post (PPGA) was 32 times.There has been no increase...



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