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Bali and Lombok Unveil Significant Natural Gas Potential!

Indonesia's natural riches have earned global recognition, with various regions boasting unique and valuable resources. In the latest development, Bali and Lombok have emerged...

Papua Has Other Natural Wealth Besides Gold, The Amount Is Huge!

Papua Island has been known for its abundant gold and copper-producing areas. However, it turns out that Papua also has other natural wealth that...

Maluku Has the Largest Natural Gas Reserves in Indonesia

Indonesia has very abundant natural wealth, one of which is natural gas which is spread in various regions of Indonesia. Based on data from...

Indonesia Is Predicted to Have Gas Surplus in 10 Years

Indonesia has abundant natural wealth. One of Indonesia's natural resources is natural gas. This was revealed by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources...

Natural Gas as a Bridge to the Energy Transition

The Indonesian Government seeks to achieve Indonesia's zero-emission target. One of the government's programs is the transition of the conventional energy to cleaner and...



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