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Government Ensures Pertalite and Diesel Fuel Prices Rise

The price of subsidized Pertalite and diesel fuel oil (BBM) has become a hot topic in the community as the government plans to increase...

Government Gives Signal to Increase Pertalite Fuel

Previously, the government had raised the price of non-subsidized fuel oil but was still holding back the price of the subsidized version. This time,...

Pertalite Oil Fuel Quota Depleted

The government indicated it would limit the purchase of Pertalite. This is because the quota for Special Assignment Fuel Oil Types (JBKP), namely RON...

Check These Vehicles That Can Buy Pertalite Fuel!

The government through Pertamina continues to finalize the exact criteria for vehicles that are allowed to use fuel oil (BBM) types of Subsidized Solar...

Starting July 1st, Pertalite Fuel Purchases Must Use the MyPertamina App

The government has finally issued a new decree regarding the purchase of RON 90 or Pertalite fuel oil. Pertamina Patra Niaga conveyed that the...

Luxury Vehicles Can’t Buy Pertalite Anymore!

The government through the Downstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency will reorganize the rules for purchasing fuel oil of RON 90 type or Pertalite....



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