Pertalite Oil Fuel Quota Depleted

Pertalite Fuel

The government indicated it would limit the purchase of Pertalite. This is because the quota for Special Assignment Fuel Oil Types (JBKP), namely RON 90 or Pertalite, is running low, or until June 2022, only 8.8 million Kilo Liters (KL) are left.

This was conveyed directly by PT Pertamina (Persero) through its subsidiary PT Pertamina Patra Niaga.

For details, until June 2022 Pertalite fuel consumption has penetrated 14.2 million KL of the target set by the government and the DPR this year to reach 23 million KL.

“Pertalite’s realization as of June is 14.2 million KL while the quota is 23 million KL,” said Pertamina Patra Niaga’s Corporate Secretary, Irto Ginting, quoted on Thursday (28/7/2022).

In a rough calculation, during the first six months or the first semester, Pertalite fuel usage reached 14.2 million, meaning that for the next six months if the remaining 8.8 million KL Pertalite fuel quota will not be sufficient for the end of the year, it means that there will be an over quota.

Therefore, Irto said, it was necessary to immediately limit the use of Pertalite fuel consumption. “Because if you look at consumption as of June, without any regulation, it will be over quota,” said Irto.

Currently, the Government and Pertamina are formulating restrictions on the purchase of Pertalite following certain criteria for four-wheeled vehicles. This is so that the use of Pertalite can be more targeted.

Pertamina has opened registration to the MyPertamina website for four-wheeled vehicles that are entitled to fill the Pertalite fuel. 50 cities/regencies have been registered.

“Regulation according to the eligibility criteria is one option to suppress over-quota,” said Irto.

Previously, Chairman of the Banggar DPR RI Said Abdullah ensured that there would be no additional quota allocation for Pertalite or Solar. Instead of wanting to provide additional, Said suggested that Pertamina could make restrictions on the program that is currently running.

“There is no additional quota and Banggar provides an opportunity for Pertamina to build a system either through MyPertamina or with fingerprints because subsidized goods are goods intended for the lower 40% of the community,” said Said Friday (8/7/2022).

Currently, Pertamina itself is still opening up opportunities for people who want to register their vehicles as users of Pertalite fuel and subsidized diesel. This is done as an effort by the company to control the volume quota of the two fuels.

Said is optimistic that if the restrictions are implemented, the Pertalite and Solar fuel quotas will be safe until the end of this year.

“It’s the same with 3 kg LPG cylinders, which continues to grow from 3 million metric tons to 8 million metric tons, and if you keep asking for an increase, it means that poverty has risen sharply when in fact it’s not,” he said.

According to Said, so far, at least 22% of the low-income people only enjoy 3 kg LPG and 86% of the high-income people. So, if the condition is then continued, it becomes unhealthy because those who want to be helped will end up not getting anything from subsidized goods.