Minister Luhut Emphasizes the Importance of Indonesia-United States Relations

Minister Luhut Emphasizes the Importance of Indonesia-United States Relations (photo: AFP)

In an effort to reinforce the partnership between Indonesia and the United States, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment Coordinating Minister (Menko Marves) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan has underscored the paramount importance of strengthening the relationship between the two nations. Recognizing the shifting geopolitical and geo-economic landscape, Luhut emphasizes the need to establish a solid foundation for both present and future ties.

During a momentous occasion, the US Independence Day Reception held in Jakarta on Tuesday (June 27, 2023), Luhut expressed the necessity for Indonesia and the US to explore innovative avenues in order to elevate their partnership to new heights.

He highlights the significance of enhanced cooperation in strategic sectors, including maritime operations, defense, climate change, sustainable economy, green infrastructure, green energy, innovation and technology, as well as fostering meaningful interpersonal connections.

Luhut further emphasizes that Indonesia warmly welcomes sustained engagement at various levels, stressing the importance of synergistic collaboration among diverse stakeholders. He accentuates the pivotal role of the economy as the cornerstone of the bilateral relationship, and he expresses ambitious aspirations for progress within the Joint Economic and Trade Promotion (JETP) framework, eagerly anticipating forthcoming advancements anticipated in August.

Additionally, Luhut acknowledges the remarkable achievements in Indonesia-US trade, aiming to further expand economic ties and leverage the Indo-Pacific economic construct to foster prosperity.

The Minister recognizes the importance of nurturing people-to-people relations and underscores the ongoing development of initiatives in education, tourism, as well as contributions to conservation and culture. These endeavors aim to fortify the bond between the citizens of both nations, fostering deeper understanding and appreciation.

Luhut expresses sincere appreciation for Ambassador Kim’s unwavering commitment to the accomplishments made thus far, recognizing the vital role played by the ambassador in facilitating and advancing the partnership between Indonesia and the United States. The Minister’s remarks highlight the significance of fostering a resilient and dynamic relationship between the two nations in the pursuit of mutual growth and prosperity.