An Update on Foreigners being Treated in Indonesia Due to Covid-19

foreigners treated in indonesia

Foreigners in Indonesia who have been confirmed positive for Covid-19 have reached 4,637 people. On Sunday, August 15, the number increased by 15 people from the data which showed that there were still 4,622 people.

In addition to positive cases, foreigners who recovered from Covid-19 also increased by 30 people. Previous data, still 4,219 foreigners have recovered from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Today it rose to 4,249 people. There were 31 cases of foreigners who died due to Covid-19. This shows that the number of Covid-19 deaths among foreigners hasn’t increased since Tuesday (August, 10).

As for foreigners who are undergoing treatment or isolation due to being infected with Covid-19, 357 people. Decreased 15 from the previous data, there were 372 foreigners who were active cases of Covid-19.

This is the report from the Ministry of Health via, Monday (August 16). The Ministry of Health also noted that 26 foreigners were suspected, 716 had close contacts and 413 had been repatriated or returned to their home countries due to Covid-19.

According to data from the Ministry of Health August 15, 2021, 3,854,354 people in Indonesia were confirmed to be infected with Covid-19. Of these, 117,588 people have died, 3,351,959 have recovered and 384,807 are still being treated or isolated.