The Indonesian Government Brings 5 ​​Million Doses of Sinovac Vaccine


Indonesia once again brings in 5 million doses of Sinovac’s coronavirus vaccine. The vaccines that are currently being imported are ready-made vaccines that can be used immediately.

Previously, Indonesia brought the Sinovac vaccine in the form of raw materials processed by PT Bio Farma (Persero). 

The vaccine arrival is the 36th stage since December 6, 2020. Penny Lukito, Head of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) said that this is one of the government’s efforts to continue to meet the need for the availability of vaccines used in the national vaccination program.

Not to forget, Penny gave her appreciation to all parties involved in the acceleration of the implementation of the national vaccination program, especially the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The National Military of Indonesia (TNI), The National Police Force of Indonesia  (POLRI), other ministries/agencies, health workers, and the community.

She also said that BPOM continues to oversee the course of the vaccination program in Indonesia. Both in development, cooperation, and distribution.

To reach two million doses of vaccine per day to achieve herd immunity, the government continues to expand and accelerate the vaccination program to date.