Did You Know the Pfizer Vaccine’s Side Effects?

Pfizer Vaccine

Many people say that the Pfizer vaccine’s side effects have a good tolerance level for the body. It is not surprising that this vaccine is one of the most sought-after types.

Through the Emergency Use of Authorization (EUA) issued on July 14, 2021, the Indonesian Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) stated that the Pfizer vaccine can be tolerated in all age groups.

It is stated that the Pfizer vaccine has mild side effects so it is relatively safe to use for pregnant and lactating women. 

Not only that, but Pfizer is also considered safe to be given to autoimmune patients, severe comorbidities, and people with other immune disorders.

The Pfizer vaccine provides full or 100 percent efficacy in the 12 to 15 year age group. While in 16 years and over, 95.5 percent.

As for the side effects commonly caused by the Pfizer vaccine, such as pain in the injection site, headache, muscle aches, chills, joint pain, fever, and fatigue.