Since January-September, the Number of International Tourists Soared by 2,530.58%

International Tourists Enjoying Sunset in Bali

Welcome to Indonesia! International tourists continue to “flood” Indonesia. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported that the number of foreign tourists visiting reached 2.27 million in January-September 2022. This figure means that there is an increase of 2,530.58 percent year-on-year (YoY).

It is noted that the number of international tourist visits has continued to increase since January 2022.

BPS Deputy for Statistics and Services, Setianto said, in September 2022, international tourists visited 538,300, an increase of 5.50 percent month-to-month (mom).

There are two main entrances, namely I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport which was visited by 291,115 visits, and Soekarno Hatta Airport with 111,033 visits.

“At Ngurah Rai, the biggest tourists come from Australia, France, India, Britain, Germany, and the United States. This one has a visit visa for 30 days,” Setianto said in a press statement, Tuesday (1/11/2022).

Then, Soekarno Hatta, the origin of the largest number of foreign tourists in Malaysia, Singapore, China, South Korea, and India.

In addition, Setianto explained, when compared to January-September 2021, foreign tourist visits in January-September 2022 increased by 2,530.58 percent.

“Because in January-September 2021, the number of foreign tourist visits is slightly at 86,245 visits compared to 2022, which is more than 2 million foreign tourists,” he said.

He said the majority of foreign tourists in September were in Australia with 94,000 visits, up 9.88 percent compared to August 2022.

Second, there were Singapore’s 86,000 visits or 15.97 percent, up 37.58 percent compared to August 2022.

Third, Malaysia had 57,002 visits or 10.63 percent, an increase of 22.39 percent compared to last month.

“Cumulatively from January to September 2022, foreign tourists based on country of origin are no different from before,” said Setianto.

The BPS released last month reported that the number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia through the main entrance in August 2022 reached 510,250 visits, a significant increase of 28,727.46 percent compared to August 2021.

Compared to the previous month, the number of foreign tourists visiting in August 2022 also increased by 6.98 percent.