This Month, 4 New Toll Roads Ready to Be Inaugurated

padang-pekanbaru toll road

Several toll road construction projects have been completed. In September 2022, 6 new toll roads are ready to be operated, 2 of them are already operating. There are still 4 more segments that will be inaugurated this month.

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) targets to be able to operate a new toll road section of 87 kilometers (KM) this month.

By the end of September 2022, there is still 58.55 km of toll roads waiting to be inaugurated.

This month, President Joko Widodo has just inaugurated new toll roads, namely Cibitung-Cilincing Toll Road Section 2-3 along 24.45 km and Serpong-Balaraja Toll Road Section 1A along 4 km.

Previously, the PUPR Ministry targeted additional new toll roads from the operation of the Pekanbaru-Bangkinang, Bekasi-Cawang-Kampung Melayu section 2A Jaka Sampurna-Kayuringin, Bekasi-Cawang-Kampung Melayu Ramp Jatiwaringin Barat, Lubuk Linggau-Curug Bengkulu section Bengkulu-Taba Penanjung.

Expert Staff of the Ministry of PUPR for Technology, Industry and Environment Endra S. Atmawidjaja said that in September 2022, 6 new toll roads were ready to be operated. With the operation of 2 new sections, there are still 4 remaining sections this month.

“The total is 87 kilometers in September if the overall 2022 addition is 332 kilometers until December,” said Endra.

Throughout 2022, the PUPR Ministry targets to complete 16 new toll roads. The PUPR Ministry noted that until the first semester of 2022, the length of toll roads that have been operating throughout Indonesia has reached 2,500 km.

In 2023, the Directorate General of Highways of the Ministry of PUPR has pocketed a budget of IDR 49.3 trillion, of which is allocated to build a new 297 km toll road.

“We hope that from 2022 to 2023, by the end of 2024 there will be around 4,000 km of toll roads that are operational, so we will have a long enough length until 2024,” he explained.

As previously reported, Based on data from the official BPJT website of the PUPR Ministry as of August 22, 2022, the government is starting the tender process for six toll road sections spread across Java and Kalimantan.

The sections tendered by the government are the Balikpapan-Penajam Paser Utara Toll Road along 7.35 kilometers (KM) with an investment of IDR 15.53 trillion, Bogor Serpong Toll Road via Parung along 31.12 km with an investment value of IDR 8.9 trillion.

Furthermore, the JORR Elevated Toll Road (Cikunir-Ulujami) is 21.5 km long and has an investment value of IDR 21.56 trillion, Patimban Access Toll Road 37.05 trillion worth IDR 8.48 trillion, Kamal-Teluknaga-Rajeg Toll Road along 38.6 km IDR 18.62 trillion.