Government Gives Signal There Will Be Legal Trading Robots in Indonesia


After previously the government was active in eradicating several illegal trading robots that disturbed the public, now there will be legal trading robots in Indonesia. The government is currently preparing the regulations.

Later, the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappebti) will regulate the regulation of trading robots in Indonesia. With this rule, there will be clarity regarding the platform.

“So that there is clarity in the use of trading robots, later there will be true and false,” explained the Head of Bappebti’s Market Development and Development Bureau, Tirta Karma Senjaya, quoted Thursday (14/4/2022).

The correct trading robot is a company that has verified the status of a limited liability company (PT) and its management is not involved or affiliated with illegal entities to be registered with the supervisory authority.

The rules regarding trading robots are said to have been submitted to the Bureau of Legislation and Enforcement for Bappebti.

There are three aspects to the rules regarding this trading robot. First, the principles that trading robots must comply with in Bappebti’s Online Licensing policy.

Trading robots must be used by registered futures brokers and not be used in illegal activities under the guise of investing. Later there will be supervision and evaluation of legal business actors who use trading robots.

Second, regarding the specifications of the trading robot. Among other things have a transparency algorithm. In addition, the variables can be inputted according to customer needs, bugs fees, and developed by companies that have legality and integrity.

Third, the rules regarding the criteria for trading robot developers. For example, having legality issued by the official Indonesian authorities, providing trading system education, providing periodic algorithm updates, providing aftersales services, and not promising consistent profits (overpromised).

Previously, cases of illegal trading robots took many victims. Not a few Indonesian people became victims, some even lost billions of rupiah.

One of the hottest cases related to illegal trading robots is DNA Pro and Fahrenheit.

The case is currently being handled by the Police.
In the Fahrenheit case, the victims’ losses reached Rp 5 trillion.