Tourism in Bali is Predicted to Open at the End of September

Bali tourism

The number of tourist visits to Bali has continued to decline significantly since the implementation of Emergency PPKM.

Domestic Travel Actors (PPDN) noted that during the PPKM period only around 800 to 900 people per day, and that number were not all tourists. Tourists who come are only estimated at 500 people and come from the Surabaya, Jakarta, Lombok, and Sulawesi areas.

Putu Astawa, Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, revealed that the reopening of tourist attractions is waiting for Covid-19 cases in the Bali region to slant with a vaccination target of 70 percent. The target is likely to be achieved in September 2021.

“I have a prediction that according to WHO if 70 percent of Balinese people have been vaccinated, herd immunity will occur. If the second (stage) vaccination (completed) is around the end of September. And hopefully, it’s true, so that our community has been vaccinated 70 percent, the Covid-19 must have gone down,” he said via

If the second stage of vaccination is completed at the end of September and Covid-19 cases decline, the Bali Provincial Tourism Office will seek to open the border for foreign tourists. However, they will open the local tourism sector gradually.