Because of PPKM, Almost a Half Total of Tourism Workers Threatened for Getting Laid-Off

Almost a Half Total of Tourism Workers Threatened for Getting Laid-Off

Around 40% of tourism workers threaten with being laid off because of the PSBB to PPKM’s enactment.

“During this pandemic, the formal sector is expected to shrink by 30 percent. Tourism is affected by a 40 percent decline. At the quarter’s beginning, it’s still better to be laid off from work, now it’s starting to drop again,” said Hariyadi Sukamdani, general chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo), on Tuesday (July 27, 2021).

According to the Chair of the Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), this is also due to the huge of workers laid off from the PPKM for non-essential and non-critical sectors. However, their status remains as workers because they registered with Employment Health Social Security Agency (BPJS).

“This administrative data is still registered (workers). But in reality, they can be laid off. They still registered with BPJS, which is quite large, especially for non-essential and non-critical sectors,” Hariyadi explained.

Hariyadi said that the government had not given an easing so far, the rules that have been in effect, such as PSBB to PPKM, in principle, there is no easing. Nevertheless, Hariyadi ensured that if the pandemic ended and there was a recovery, employees could return to work.

“But if the pandemic ends, the recovery that was previously shrinking is concentrated with new investments, then they will be absorbed there again,” he concluded.