Wants to Go Globally, Governor Koster Hopes Balinese Arak to Compete with Korean Soju and Japanese Sake

Balinese Arak

Wayan Koster, Governor of Bali, wants to make Balinese Arak (Alcoholic drink) a superior product on both national and international levels. He even hopes that the Balinese Arak can compete with Korean Soju and Japanese Sake.

“Arak is a traditional commodity that has its peculiarities. As a local drink, we want to make Balinese Arak as a superior product that has competitiveness both on national and international levels, also can compete with Sake from Japan, Soju from Korea, and others,” said Koster on Thursday (July 23, 2021).

For this reason, he has issued Bali Governor Regulation (Pergub) Number 1 of 2020 concerning the Management of Balinese Fermented and Distilled Drinks. Through this regulation, Koster wants to strengthen the overall governance of Balinese Arak drinks.

According to him, the great desire to develop Balinese Arak should be accompanied by efforts to improve quality and strengthen its branding as a Balinese product. Including in terms of its packaging design.

Balinese Arak received so much appreciation from others country’s ambassadors, Koster wanted the Balinese resources has to be cultivated by the local people themselves. In that way, local people have an economical source from local products in Bali.

Koster added that campaigning for traditional Balinese Arak is one of the strategies to revive Bali’s local resources and products.

“We have to move back by empowering and utilizing the local resources we have, as a source of life and an element in Bali’s economic development, so that our economy can grow from its natural wealth,” he concluded.