Here are Tips Caring for Cars to Maintain Its Performance During the Pandemic


Covid-19 pandemic affects our daily mobility. As a result, many vehicle owners, including car owners, prefer to stay at home to avoid virus transmissions. As a result, the car has only parked for the past year.

Then, how to take care of the car to keep its good performance during a pandemic? Here are some tips for you.

Be aware of the most frequently touched areas and keep them clean regularly

Car interior’s cleanliness is a top priority, especially during a pandemic. Be sure to pay attention to some frequently touched areas of your car. For example, center console and media screens, exterior door handles, interior door handles, all seats including seat belts and headrests, steering wheel, and its buttons. Also, make sure it is kept clean.

Maintain and check the condition of the vehicle routinely

Even though you rarely do mobility outside, make sure that you maintain and check your car condition routinely. Ignoring the car for a long time has the potential to degrade its performance. Therefore, you can practice several car maintenance steps as follows:

1.  Start the engine at least twice a week for 10 minutes. It aims to recharge the battery.

2. Wash your car regularly to remove dust and keep it clean. Wash the car when it’s in cold condition and take it to a shady place. Avoid using dishwashing detergent, which can cause the fade and oxidize of your car’s paint.

3. Move the car from the parking position at least once a week to prevent flat spots on your tires.

4. Make air circulation by open your windows car and clean your car’s interior using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust or dirt regularly.

Those are some tips so that your car still has the best performance even though your mobility is limited.