Indonesia Unveils Six Toll Road Projects, Including Puncak Toll Road, in Preparations for Bidding

Semarang-Demak Toll Road Construction

The Directorate General of Infrastructure Financing (DGIF) under the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH) has recently made a significant announcement regarding the development of toll road projects in Indonesia. In their latest update, it was revealed that six toll road projects have progressed to the preparation stage for bidding, with one notable project being the construction of the Puncak toll road.

Herry Trisaputra Zuna, the Director General of Infrastructure Financing at the MPWH, highlighted the substantial investment value associated with these six toll road projects, which is estimated to reach an impressive IDR 49.47 trillion. During a Hearing Session with Commission V of the DPR, Zuna shared his insights on the road and bridge sector’s future plans, stating, “There are six projects in this sector with an estimated investment of IDR 49.47 trillion.”

Providing further details on the individual projects, Zuna discussed the Malang-Kepanjen Toll Road, a stretch spanning 29.78 kilometers with an investment value of IDR 10.04 trillion. The MPWH aims to complete the project’s prequalification process by the first quarter of 2025. Additionally, the South Bandung Outer Ring Road, covering a distance of 46.2 kilometers and requiring a total investment of IDR 20.24 trillion, is another significant endeavor among the six projects.

Among the other projects mentioned, the Kohod (Pakuhaji) – Lebakwangi (Neglasari) Toll Road stands out with a length of 12.24 kilometers and an investment value of IDR 5.45 trillion. Moreover, the Pluit – Cengkareng Toll Road, stretching 12 kilometers, holds a value of IDR 8.42 trillion. The Sadang Extension Toll Road, totaling 21.15 kilometers, aims to connect four sections of the Japek II Selatan toll road with the Cipularang, Cipali, and Patimban Access, boasting an investment of IDR 5.32 trillion.

One of the significant projects in the spotlight is the Puncak Toll Road, which is expected to have a total length of 50.09 kilometers. However, the exact investment value for this project is still under calculation and evaluation.

These infrastructure initiatives come at a time when the Ministry of Public Works and Housing is actively assessing the Caringin-Puncak-Cianjur Toll Road development plan. It is a meticulous process involving detailed evaluations and considerations from potential investors.

Triono Junoasmono, the Director of the Toll Road Directorate within the Directorate General of Highways, emphasized the positive impact of the Puncak Toll Road in alleviating traffic congestion along the current Puncak route. The proposal for the project has received government approval, and efforts are underway to conduct a comprehensive Feasibility Study (FS) to ensure its successful implementation.

Triono further elaborated on the scale of the project, stating, “Based on our preliminary estimation from their ongoing study, it is around IDR 25 trillion, which is quite significant. That’s why it is divided into various sections and stages.” The phased approach ensures meticulous planning and effective utilization of resources throughout the project’s implementation.

These developments in Indonesia’s toll road infrastructure demonstrate the government’s commitment to improving transportation networks and enhancing connectivity across the country. The significant investment value and the involvement of various stakeholders reflect the nation’s dedication to sustainable development and the continuous pursuit of economic progress.