Plastic Surgery for Beauty is Increasingly Widespread, is It Safe?

wide shot of beautician servicing customer

There are various reasons behind people do plastic surgery. Some intend to restore physical appearance due to injuries, some intend purely to beautify themselves.

The trend of plastic surgery has indeed penetrated globally, including Indonesia. Many people are dissatisfied with the structure of their faces and choose plastic surgery as a shortcut to get a more perfect appearance.

Is it safe?

Then, is it safe? Facial beauty expert dr. Eklendro Senduk D.AAA, M.Ks, through Doctorpreneur broadcasts on the VDVC Health YouTube channel, explained that there are two types of facial surgery, namely non-plastic surgery and plastic surgery.

Non-plastic surgery consists of actions such as botox, fillers, and thread lifts or commonly called thread implants. This operation is considered safe if the one who handles it is a doctor who is competent in his field and the contents used are safe materials.

He explained, “The filler that is filled is the protein that can be absorbed by the body such as Hyaluronic Acid and is semi-permanent”.

Dr. Ek explained that prospective patients must be careful in choosing a doctor and the materials used. “Do not let the material used be liquid silicone, because it is permanent on the skin. Be careful, it can carry the danger of infection and also skin cancer,” he added.

Snail Mucin

Cosmetological procedure. Woman with a snail mucin on her face in a beauty salon.

One of the references to modern fashion is Korea’s fashion. In the world of fashion, Korean beauty often uses natural ingredients, but they are strange and not commonly used. One of these ingredients is using snail mucin to treat the skin.

And then, how? Are you interested in plastic surgery or simply using natural ingredients such as snail mucin?