Is Exercising Effective at Night?


Exercise takes an important role in maintaining health and body function. Not only that, but exercise also can prevent disease, improve brain capacity, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase muscle and bone strength.

Dense activity in the morning until the afternoon allows us to rarely exercise. Not infrequently, some of us still do sports at night so that body functions remain optimal, especially during a pandemic. But the question is, “is it effective to exercise at night?”

A study shows that exercising at night, or before going to bed, has benefits that are not inferior to exercising in the morning. Here’s the review.

Do Exercise for Better Sleep Quality

The National Sleep Foundation in America shows that exercise at night speeds up sleep time and improves sleep quality. Moderate-intensity exercise does not have a negative effect on sleep. Do it at least 90 minutes before bedtime.

Eliminating Toxins in the Body

Exercising at night is a great time to flush out toxins. After a full day of activity, the body will absorb free radicals or consume unhealthy foods. That’s why exercising at night can remove toxins in the body and make sleep quality better.

Then, what are the best exercises to do at night?

No need to do strenuous exercise at night. Take a walk for 30 minutes could be an option. A leisurely walk brings many benefits ranging from fighting stress and depression, helping you lose weight, to being a means of meditation before going to bed.

If you are too tired from activities for a full day, doing Yoga can be an option. Yoga can help relieve fatigue and relax your body and mind before you go to sleep. Not only makes you relax, but yoga can also accelerate blood circulation, and regulate breathing so that you will sleep well.

So, no more excuses not to exercise. No matter how busy your activities are, try to keep exercising to maintain the function and health of your body and mind.