Here’s the Future of Jakarta-Surabaya High-Speed Train Project After Jokowi Leaves Office

High-speed Train
High-speed Train

Indonesia has finally embraced advanced transportation with the inauguration of the WHOOSH high-speed train connecting Jakarta and Bandung. The public welcomed this innovation with great enthusiasm. As President Jokowi celebrates the success of this mega project, he is already planning an ambitious extension of the high-speed train line to Surabaya. But what will become of this plan after his term ends?

According to the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub), the pre-feasibility study (FS) for the high-speed train extension will not be completed before President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) leaves office.

Adita Irawati, the spokesperson for Kemenhub, confirmed that the pre-feasibility study for the high-speed train project between Jakarta and Surabaya will not be finished by 2024. This means that the study will continue under the new leadership of President-elect Prabowo Subianto after he assumes office in October 2024.

“I have to say it is impossible to complete this year [the study for the Jakarta-Surabaya high-speed train],” Adita stated in Jakarta on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

Adita elaborated that the study process for extending the high-speed train to Surabaya is based on the evaluations from the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train project, now known as the WHOOSH high-speed train. She mentioned that the study for this extension involves several extensive phases.

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However, Adita did not provide specific details on when the pre-feasibility study for the Jakarta-Surabaya high-speed train is expected to be completed. She assured that the study is ongoing and involves collaboration with various stakeholders.

“We learned from the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train process that this [Jakarta-Surabaya high-speed train] study will go through a long process,” Adita explained.

Previously, PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC) had expressed its readiness to be appointed as the operator of the Jakarta-Surabaya high-speed train.

Eva Chairunisa, General Manager Corporate Secretary of KCIC, announced that the company is fully prepared to support the government’s efforts in extending the high-speed rail line to Surabaya.

KCIC will adhere to the directions and decisions made by the government regarding this extension. The company is also ready to participate in the project if appointed as the operator for the Jakarta-Surabaya high-speed train, considering its experience in building and operating the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train, now known as WHOOSH.

“We are ready if there is a directive to become the operator [of the Jakarta-Surabaya high-speed train] from the government,” Eva stated.

This landmark project, WHOOSH, has already proven to be a significant milestone in Indonesia’s transportation infrastructure. The future of its extension to Surabaya, however, remains uncertain and depends on the commitment and vision of the incoming administration.