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Indonesia and Malaysia Work Together to Fight Palm Oil Discrimination

The meeting between President Jokowi and Prime Minister of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim, at the Presidential Palace, Bogor, Monday (9/1/2023), resulted in several agreements, one...

In 2023, Red-Eating Oil Will Replace Cooking Oil

The use of red-eating oil, as processed from other palm oil, will replace the cooking oil that has been used so far. The reason...

Pertamina Develops Jet Fuel from Palm Oil

Pertamina has succeeded in developing jet fuel (AVTUR) from palm oil. This is a concrete step in Pertamina's support to the government regarding the...

Palm Oil Plantation Development Program in East Kalimantan Will Continue

The government's plantation program in East Kalimantan is still continuing. One of the ongoing programs is the development of oil palm plantations. This program...

Government Will Test Diesel Fuel Mixed with 40% Palm Oil in...

The government plans to conduct a road test of vehicles using 40% palm oil (B40) biodiesel as fuel in July 2022. This was confirmed...



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