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Government Reviews Upper Limit Flight Ticket Tariffs for Fair Pricing and...

The soaring prices of flight tickets to various destinations have garnered the government's attention. In response, the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) is actively engaged...

Latest Domestic Travel Rules Update, Rules Get Looser

The government has updated the latest travel requirements for Domestic Travelers (PPDN). In the latest regulation, PPDN using air transportation is now free from...

PPDN Want to Travel? Do PCR-Antigen Test First!

The government has again imposed the PCR-antigen test as a condition for domestic travel (PPDN), whether using air, land, or sea transportation. This PCR-antigen...

President Is Reviewing Booster Vaccine As Travel Rules

Previously, the government required booster vaccines as a mandatory for entering public facilities. This time, they are reviewing the rules regarding the use of...

The Latest Rules for Electric Train’s Passengers

Starting today, Wednesday, September 8, 2021, electric trains (KRL) passengers are only required to show a Covid-19 vaccine certificate at least one dose of...



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