These Giant Indonesia’s Projects Will Be Completed in 2024


The Indonesian government continues to speed up several giant projects spread throughout Indonesia, especially in Java. Reportedly, the value of these projects reaches trillions of rupiah.

This news was conveyed by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto as Chair of the Committee for the Acceleration of Priority Infrastructure Development (KPPIP) in a meeting with several related Ministers and Governors, Wednesday (11/5/2022).

Airlangga said, “It is necessary to encourage the support of Ministries/Agencies and Local Governments so that those giant projects can be completed in 2024. There are 27 projects in West Java worth IDR 2.53 trillion that require APBN support, the completion of 28 projects in Central Java worth IDR 4.92 trillion which requires an APBN allocation from the relevant K/L, as well as the completion of 13 projects in East Java worth Rp. 2.35 trillion that require an APBN allocation from the K/L targeted for completion in 2024”.

Some of the giant projects that the government is working on in Java are:

East Java

  • The giant construction of the Ngawi – Bojonegoro – Tuban – Lamongan – Manyar – Bunder Toll Road to support the operational activities of the Tuban Oil Refinery and the JIIPE SEZ which is one of the anchors that support the community’s economic activity, is directed to immediately encourage transactions (determination of BUJT) and Financial Closing in 2023 The Ministry of Finance is also expected to start budgeting procurement allocations through LMAN in 2023;
  • Kali Lamong Flood Control as a Strategic Project with National Impact for flood management in East Java is directed to immediately allocate land procurement support by the Ministry of Finance in the amount of Rp 1.1 trillion;
  • The construction of the Karangnongko Weir, which is one of the strategic programs to support Food infrastructure and Flood Control, especially in the Central Java and Southern East Java Regions, is encouraged to immediately complete the land acquisition by the Bojonegoro Regency Government and the East Java Provincial Government in 2023 so that the Ministry of PUPR can start budgeting and start construction as soon as 2023;
  • Umbulan SPAM, a project to increase the availability of clean water and drinking water, the Ministry of PUPR has committed to supporting it through DAK funds in 2022/2023, especially for distribution network infrastructure;
  • Bagong Dam, as a priority project for the provision of clean water for the community and poverty alleviation, the direction is that the best solution is sought for the relocation of the community; as well as
  • The construction of the Cable Car in Batu City and the Development of the Ropeway at the peak of Pananjakan Bromo Crater, as a project to support accessibility and tourism in East Java, especially in Batu and Bromo, strive to accelerate the completion of regulations so that they can be developed immediately.

West Java

  • Construction of the Cipali-Patimban Toll Road Access to facilitate access to the logistics of Patimban Port is one of the economic levers for the people of North West Java. The Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs directs Ministries/Institutions to accelerate the financial closing process in the first quarter of 2023;
  • The construction of the Gedebage – Tasikmalaya – Cilacap Toll Road is one of the longest toll roads in Indonesia, which is expected to improve accessibility and relieve congestion on the South Java route. The Coordinating Minister for the Economy directs to accelerate the completion of construction, especially on the Gedebage-Tasikmalaya Toll Road section;
  • The development of Legok Nangka Waste Processing into Electrical Energy (PSEL) is one of the efforts to accelerate achieving net zero-emission. The Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs directs to accelerate the determination of the tender winner so that the Project can be completed in 2024;
  • Construction of the Cibitung-Cilincing Toll Road to facilitate logistics access to and from Tanjung Priok Port is expected to reduce national logistics costs. The Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs directs Ministries/Agencies and Local Governments to immediately complete Project readiness and land acquisition.

Central Java

  • The construction of the Cirebon – Semarang Gas Transmission Pipeline has been allocated funding until 2023 by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in the amount of Rp 1.2 trillion;
  • The construction of the Bawen-Yogya Toll Road and the Solo-Yogya Toll Road has been allocated land acquisition funding through LMAN in 2022 and 2023 and construction will soon be completed;
  • The funding for the development of the Keburejo SPAM has been allocated in 2023 through the APBD scheme;
  • The construction of the Karangnongko Mobile Dam (Central Java Region) needs to be accelerated for land acquisition by the Regional Government and the allocation for construction development has been prepared by the Ministry of PUPR, and;
  • Development of KI Brebes, Kab. Brebes is currently being encouraged to accelerate development through the Business to Business (private funding) scheme.