Throughout 2021, the Government Successfully Completed 128 National Strategic Projects

infrastructure development

Achievements in the field of development have been achieved by the government. Over the past year, the Indonesian government was able to complete 128 National Strategic Projects or PSN.

The Deputy for Coordination of Regional Development and Spatial Planning as the Chief Executive of KPPIP, Wahyu Utomo, said that the investment value of the 128 projects reached Rp. 716.4 trillion.

“The progress that has been achieved, there are 128 projects that have cumulatively been completed since the PSN was first rolled out,” he said in a video conference, Wednesday (2/3/2022).

The government noted that as many as 24 PSNs were successfully completed with an investment value of Rp. 125.9 trillion.

However, Wahyu explained that the construction of the PSN was still focused on the island of Java because the needs of the island of Java were very large considering a large number of people on this island.

Although still focusing on Java, he explained that the government also did not forget to continue to encourage development outside Java.

“However, we have pushed for construction on the islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and even Papua,” he explained.

He conveyed that the PSN construction also received land acquisition facilities through the State Asset Management Agency (LMAN) scheme, with a total realization of land acquisition funding reaching Rp22.85 trillion in 2021.

Cumulatively, the total realization of LMAN land acquisition funding reached Rp90.98 trillion for 103 PSN until February 4, 2022. 7/2021, there are 208 projects and 10 programs as PSN with an estimated total investment value of IDR 5,698.5 trillion.

Furthermore, Wahyu said, all ministries and institutions (K/L) are currently trying to encourage the completion of 208 projects and 10 programs by 2024, according to President Joko Widodo’s direction.

In line with the many national-scale development projects, the government is also optimistic that 1.9 million jobs will be created nationally from this year’s PSN until 2024.

“This is the government’s target how we create jobs, which of course because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are obstacles, this is the role of infrastructure development that must be carried out,” he said.