Transportation Facilities Are Already Set up to Welcome the Christmas and New Year Holidays in 2024

Jakarta's traffic

The vibrant atmosphere of the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays is already making its presence felt. In anticipation of the expected surge in public movements during this festive season, the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) has meticulously ensured the preparedness of transportation facilities and infrastructure.

Ensuring a safe, secure, and efficient travel experience, Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi highlights the all-encompassing readiness across various transportation modes, including land, sea, air, and railways.

On the road transportation front, an extensive fleet of 46,686 buses (comprising AKAP, AKDP, and Tourism categories) and 113 terminals are standing by. The maritime sector is equipped with 206 vessels, 11 Cross-Port Ferries, 41 movable bridge docks, 3 pontoon docks, and 16 swing docks for ferry transportation.

Minister Budi Karya Sumadi underscores the strategic importance of meticulous preparations, particularly along the crucial Trans Java route. Measures such as effective traffic engineering management on both toll and non-toll roads, market spill control, optimization of toll road rest areas, and weighbridge utilization as rest stops are emphasized.

Sea transportation is bolstered by a fleet of 1,345 ships and 110 Sea Ports. The aviation sector is geared up with 444 aircraft and 51 airports prepared for the holiday influx. Additionally, railway transportation is ready with 1,738 train units and infrastructure supporting 9 Regional Operation Offices (Daops) and 4 Regional Divisions (Divre).

According to Minister Budi, the Trans Java route stands out as a crucial focal point in managing the flow of public movements. He stresses the importance of thorough preparations, including well-coordinated traffic engineering management on both toll and non-toll roads, effective market spill control, optimization of toll road rest areas, and the utilization of weighbridges as rest stops.

Drawing from a survey conducted by the Transportation Policy Agency (BKT) of the Ministry of Transportation on potential public movements during the Nataru holiday period, the forecasted most-traveled routes for cars include Trans Java Toll (31.66%), Cipularang Toll (19.12%), and Jagorawi Toll (15%). Meanwhile, motorcycle routes are anticipated to be alternative routes (35.41%) and the Bogor-Puncak-Cianjur (Bopunjur) route at 34.72%.

In anticipation of the peak of the annual homecoming exodus, two periods are predicted: the Christmas peak and the New Year peak. The Christmas homecoming peak is projected for December 22-23, 2023, while the return peak is expected on December 26-27, 2023.

Minister Budi provides insight into the potential public movement during the Christmas and New Year holidays holiday season, estimating a staggering 107.63 million people or 39.83% of the total national population. This represents a remarkable 143.65% increase compared to last year’s prediction of 44.17 million people.